Kitimat River seal breaking at least six fishing regulations

A seal whose permanent residency is well beyond the municipal boundary, is believed to be breaking at least six fishing violations.

“Just swimming in the river and grabbing them in his mouth seems entirely unfair and very unsportsmanlike,” says Robert Diggs, who’s been having a slow fishing week.seal-1232186_640

Diggs also points out that he sees the seal on the river a lot and has never seen him be stopped by fisheries officers.

“How can we tell how many fish the seal has taken? No one’s making sure he’s staying within the quota. Is that seal even allowed to fish here? Why doesn’t he go find some other creek along the Channel to swim up?”

Diggs has been having a slow week. He’s been on the river since Monday with few bites.

“No surprise, with this seal out there just disregarding all rules of civility on the river,” he said. “It’s just unnatural.”