Quick trip to grocery store costs woman nearly an hour of her life

“It was awful,” says Patricia Bourne, who had just emerged from Save-On-Foods with groceries.

Bourne had run in for milk, bread and tomato paste – some staples plus a quick addition for a pizza she was making later – and had to endure nearly an hour of small talk as she meet various acquaintances.

“There was Richard. Boy did he have things to say about his new lawnmower,” said Bourne. “And you know what? Good for him. But I’m in a rush and this milk isn’t getting any lighter.”

Bourne soldiered on but ran in to her neighbour from down the street, Beatrice.

“Bless her heart but she needs to speak a little quicker. Yes, I’m happy that her son bought a new Bluetooth speaker, or whatever that was. Seriously though, this pizza is going to take awhile to make tonight. I really have to get going.”

Bourne took an awkward spiral route through the store in efforts to avoid crossing paths with even more friends.

She then bee-lined to the self-check out stalls to get out quicker. While waiting for her turn she didn’t realize her pastor got in line behind her.

“Oh no, I haven’t been to church in weeks!” says Bourne. “And I happen to run in to my pastor. This trip to the store should have been, like, four minutes tops. I need to pick my kids up in six minutes and my pizza is barely even started.”

As Bourne walked to her car she casually waved to a person in the distance but quickly got in her driver’s seat.