Area black bears demand more input in Kitimat OCP

Dominic, an area black bear, thinks his species has been left out of the discussion when it comes to the Official Community Plan.

With Kitimat facing potentially huge developments in the coming years, Dominic says his species, in fact all of the animal kingdom, deserve a larger say in the proceedings.

“You can change the zoning maps all you want, but just because a place is residential or commercial doesn’t mean you can keep wildlife use out of the equation,” said Dominic.

He said a group of various animals, including representation from grizzlies, deer, and wolverines held a special fall sitting and discussed local development.

“Among the highlights of what was said, was the recognition that any community plan must include proper zoning for our dens,” said Dominic. “We’ll agree to any required development setbacks and we understand we’ll have to be subject to development permits, but ultimately it’s a too human-centric community and that needs to stop.”

While four-legged mammals seem under-represented in the OCP, birds so far have enjoyed special considerations. Mainly, land use bylaws allow birds to make their nests up to 50 metres in the air. No doubt it’s a concession made after the 1956 conference between the District of Kitimat and the Avian Bird Council, the same meeting which guaranteed Nechako Neighbourhood’s bird theme.