Northern Gateway tops polls for topic most likely to cause fight at dinner table

Jobs, environment, and mashed potatoes. A new study from the Institute of Public Opinion says the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipelines proposal tops the list of topics most likely to cause a fight at the dinner table.

“We found that religion is dulling as a sour conversational spot in most homes. Even politics has lost its teeth,” explains an executive summary of the report.

“Northern Gateway? Look out! There will be dinner rolls flying in no time.”

The Kitimat RCMP have been called to no less than six domestic assaults in the past month, all found to be related to the Northern Gateway project.

“The neighbours, they were just yelling ‘there’s not enough jobs to justify the project,’” said one area resident who wished to remain anonymous. “And then the other person would yell back ‘we can’t do nothing for economic development. We need to embrace construction projects of all kids. And it can be done safely, you idiot!’”

“I think I even heard someone else say something like ‘And if we get a refinery it just makes sense!’” added the neighbour.