Dozens injured as blood feud continues between north and south Albatross

The North Albatross Gang and the South Albatross Thugs continue their violent clashes as a community is put on edge.

“We will not rest until those South Albatross chickens accept the terms of a defeat,” said North Albatross Gang leader Philip Moore. “They’ve harassed our members long enough.”

Initial reports said injuries in the latest gang clash reach 27, but it was unclear which side took the brunt of the casualties.

South Albatross representative Daniel Sterling said his people are not at all ready to submit to “draconian” law that they’d be subject to under North Albatross control.

“We’re looking for reinforcements from people on nearby Bittern Street. We know there’s a swelling of support from that area and if we can tap that military might we can make Albatross ours once and for all.”

Brant street remains neutral in the ongoing feud but there has been pressure for them to pick a side.

“Sure, we’re seeing a dip in our economy from the impact on trade this all has,” said Brant Street leader Joyce Hill. “But we’d rather see slight dips than wild fluctuations which would happen if we embroiled ourselves in this conflict.”

The United Neighbourhoods (UN) were expected to vote shortly on sending peacekeeping task force on to Albatross, but it’s expected that Cable Car will use their veto power to stop that plan, despite support from Whitesail, Nechako, and Kildala leadership.