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Kitimat traffic helicopter struggles for relevance

A local news traffic helicopter hovering over Kitimat is really struggling maintain relevancy. The aircraft watching over local streets has yet to find any real substantial information to relay to listeners. “There are two cars waiting at the Stickney Street stop sign,” the pilot broadcasted.

Holy smokes! Has that mountain always been there?

With a run of clear weather in Kitimat, many area residents have looked up in surprise to see a large, two-peaked mountain. The mountain almost seems to tower over the whole community, yet everyone Snow Valley Guardian has spoken to so far are sure they’ve

It’s supposed to be ‘public’, right?

The District of Kitimat must be feeling silly with this typo at the Tamitik Jubilee Sports Complex. A written statement from the town indicated that they were “Socked and appled,” by the error and that it would be fixed “ABCD.”