Kitimat’s Toastmasters club proven effective as local guy just won’t shut up about it

The Toastmasters, an international non-profit club which provides its members guidance and structure to learn effective leadership and communication skills, has proven very effective at the local level as an area member of the Nechako Toastmasters just won’t shut up about it.

“Have you heard about the Toastmasters?” asks Bryan Fields, to instant eye-rolls from listeners. “We’re all about communication and leadership. It’s really cool, would you like to join?”

Fields usually speaks for up to two minutes on the subject of Toastmasters, which is the top time limit of the club’s Table Topics speeches.

“Yeah, Table Topics, they’re awesome. Helps you speak on subjects off the cuff. Hey, you know what? I’m going to use cuff as our Word of the Day at our next meeting.”

The club meets twice a month, the first and third Thursdays at 7 pm in the Kitimat General Hospital multi-purpose room. Of course anyone who knows Fields will have already heard that a number of times each week.

“I’m tempted to join the club just so I don’t have to hear about it so much,” said friend of Fields, Jacob Meakley. “But in fairness he seems super comfortable talking to us about it so maybe it’s not so bad.”